Kim Clark, Creator of Freelance: The Consultant’s Diary

I am a Freelancer,  a business development consultant.  I set up and run brainstorming sessions that jump start  the strategic planning process.  I assist for-profit and not-for-profit organizations as they develop goals, objectives,  strategies and action plans that will enhance profitability, ensure appropriate delivery of services and reflect the organization’s mission and vision.

I help the organizations to select a good planning team and get others to buy into the planning process.  I give planning team members the tools to follow through, track results,  make adjustments to the plan where necessary and communicate outcomes to all interested parties.

I also conduct sales training workshops that help inside or outside sales professionals to become more effective in selling skills fundamentals as well as prospecting, cold calling and closing techniques.  I coach fellow Freelancers as they strive to be more successful at packaging and promoting their services to the best prospects in the best possible ways.  Business plan writing,  networking  and strategic relationship development and personal branding workshops are other aspects of the professional services that I provide.

I’ve been living on my wits and ingenuity as a Freelancer since the mid-90s,  when I lost my Fortune 100 company corporate job (apparently, the higher-ups felt that I and several dozen of my co-workers were making rather too much money!).  It ain’t easy out here,  but with determination, a positive yet realistic attitude and the courage to recognize and reach for whatever good opportunities that roll my way,  I’ve managed to both keep a roof over my head and continue to shop at Whole Foods.

I respectfully and joyfully welcome you to my blog! I will post once a week.  I look forward to your readership and I invite your comments.  I want to hear your story.  I would appreciate your advice.  Is there a subject that you’d like me to discuss? Let me know please.  Visit my website at

Welcome aboard,


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