A Press Kit That Tells Your Brand Story

It is true that social media and content marketing have forever transformed marketing strategies and advertising campaigns.  How brands reach out and engage with current and potential customers to communicate marketing messages, reinforce the brand and provide product information has become highly targeted and granular, often interactive and as a result, rather personal and designed to build relationships and a community.

The various social media platforms can be wonderful additions to your marketing and advertising plans, but they’ve not yet vanquished the trusty throwback that is the press kit. The press kit remains viable and is a must-have promotional tool for every organization—for-profit or not-for-profit, large, small, solopreneur, or start-up. Also known as a media kit, the press kit can be considered a resume for your business and with it you can create a narrative for your organization, in electronic format or as hard copy enclosed in a folder that you personally hand out.

Your press kit can contain any number of resources that inform recipients about your company and it can be customized to promote objectives you’d like to achieve. Business editors and journalists targeted to receive a press release, prospective clients that you plan to court, potential investors and business partners are among those who are press kit candidates.  Below is a list of ingredients that will help you tell your brand story:

1. Company Fact Sheet (known as the one sheet)

  • When and where the company was founded and its current location
  • Is the company privately or publicly held (date of initial public offering, if applicable)?
  • Company mission statement
  • Two or three of the most prominent clients if B2B, or largest target customer groups if B2C
  • Primary products or services
  • Number of employees
  • Company legal structure (corporation or limited liability company)
  • Website address and social media links

2. Photos

  • Professionally done headshots of the founder(s) and the leadership team (as high resolution images suitable for print or online publications)
  • A photo of the building where your office is located and/or a photo of the office entryway or reception area

3. Press releases

  • Selected press releases that have been sent to media outlets
  • Links to (selected) articles that have been written about the organization
  • Links to (selected) industry related articles written by the founder(s) or other company leaders

4. Videos

  • A three-minute clip of the founder(s) giving an overview of the company story, or announcing a new product or strategic partnership (if production budget is available)
  • If the founder(s) has been interviewed on television or radio to speak about the company or the industry, include a three-minute clip.

Business editors and journalists will be more willing to feature or include your company in an article if you can quickly email a press kit that gives them some background information.  If you plan to contact media outlets to announce a new product or service, for example, or let the public know that you will participate in a noteworthy charity event in your metro area,  put together an online media kit before you send the press release.

Before you hit the send button, call the publication and confirm who should receive the information.  A day or two after sending, call to confirm that it was received and ask if additional information would be appreciated.  Offer to send your press kit. Invite the reporter to your office for a casual chat or a formal interview (you can hand out the hard copy press kit if you’ve not yet sent the online version).

If attracting prestige clients to join your roster is the goal, your press kit can be an effective marketing tool that helps to convince those prospects that you are capable, trustworthy and have a good track record.  Prospects will learn the basics about you, your leadership team, the history of your company. They’ll see that you’ve worked with other good clients and that media outlets have written about, or quoted you (if you include press clippings).

Financial and business performance information, such as year-end balance sheets, growth and earnings statistics and other key performance indicators will please potential investors and partners and allow them to quickly understand the financial position of the company. Your press kit can potentially help to persuade certain of them to enter discussions that could result in an infusion of cash that would propel your venture to the next level.

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