Making Use of Online Video

Because the February-March session sold out,  I’ve been invited to reprise my three-part workshop  “Become Your Own Boss: Effective Business Plan Writing”  at Boston Center for Adult Education 122 Arlington Street Boston MA on three Mondays,  May 9, 16 & 23 from 5:30 PM – 7:30 PM.  For more information or to register,  please visit  or call 617.267.4430.

Communicating with prospective clients (and others) by way of video has become an accepted practice and the phenomenon continues to grow by leaps and bounds.  Digital media tracker ComScore reports that YouTube had 12.2 billion videos viewed by 129 million unique visitors in November 2010 and growth shows no sign of abating.

In addition to adding a video clip to one’s own website or posting video on YouTube,  nearly all major social media sites provide the option to add either photos or video content.  So maybe you’re sorting through a decision tree,  trying to figure out your place in the multimedia revolution?  Here are four ways that video can make sense for your business:

Demo a new product or service

Create a video to demonstrate a new product or introduce your new service—or make a  personalized case for what you’ve been doing all along.  The video will allow you to show how your product works or explain how and why your services bring important advantages to your target market. 

Initiate a conversation with prospects as you tell a story that illustrates when and why it is wise to use your product or service.  Describe key features and benefits and demonstrate how they will make life or work less complicated and expensive or more effective and rewarding.  Define your target audience by describing who will benefit most by using the product or service.  Differentiate your video from traditional advertising by including a viewer comments feature and making the video about sharing relevant information and not a sales pitch.


Maybe you wrote a book,  or perhaps you gave the keynote address at a prestigious conference?  Can you obtain the footage from the ceremony when you stepped on stage to accept a coveted award and make a speech?

Or maybe you’d like to share your business acumen and offer prospective clients three or four pieces of valuable advice that will stoke their appetite for more of your expertise?  The right video will present you as the go-to guy or girl who knows how to solve problems and get the job done.

Promote an event

Use a video promo to create excitement around and build the audience for an important event that will showcase you,  whether it’s a book signing for your latest tome or the seminar that you’ll conduct.  Include highlights from a previous event,  with testimonials from those who attended.  Tape the proceedings of this year’s event to provide juicy content for the following year.

Create buzz

The best online videos avoid an overt sales pitch.  A clever video can do wonders for your reputation and your business,  especially if it goes viral.  At the very least,  a well-conceived and produced video clip will raise your profile and create good word-of-mouth for your new service,  your expertise or your upcoming event.  Next week,  we’ll get into video best practices.

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