Feng Shui Your Office

Wind, water, qi.  Can you feng shui your way to prosperity? Maybe.

Back in the mid-90s,  I hired someone to work on my (previous) apartment.  I did not become wealthy, happy or fortunate.  In fact, I was laid off from my corporate job.  Nevertheless,  about 7 years ago,  I decided to give feng shui another chance and called in a consultant named Mary Roberts to work on my current apartment, which includes my home office.

Clutter management was high on the list,  because  feng shui demands order.  What I wouldn’t do for one extra room!  Feng shui also demands cleanliness,  so weekly housework became a must.  I figured if the system really worked,  I might be able to afford a maid.  But I am not there yet…

Feng shui will perhaps yield more of its promised benefits of harmony, health and wealth if you pay an expert $150-$500 (depending on the size of the space and the going rates in your area) to visit your home / office and make specific recommendations.  Alternatively, you can buy a book and a compass and DIY.

A compass is recommended because the feng shui system divides the space into directional quadrants and works with properties and energies that are assumed to be associated with each.   Beneficial objects and colors, along with objects and colors that guard against negative energy,  are placed in the quadrants (wherever practical).   Further refinements are made when northeast,  southwest, etc. subsections are defined, so that auspicious and protective objects and colors can be added there also.

So let’s get you started with feng shui! Since this blog is about business, I will provide some general tips that may help attract prosperity to your business center.  We will begin with the shape of the room.  Ideally, all rooms should have a regular shape and four 90 degree angles.  If the room does not have a regular shape,  you may “correct” the room with a faceted,  round,  clear crystal that will be suspended from a red silk ribbon (good luck color) and hung from a hook placed high up on the wall.  If you can’t find a crystal with a notch to thread the ribbon, then plants—no cactus or sharp leaves!—can be placed in front of the jutting walls,  either on a table or on the floor.  Immediately replace any unhealthy plants.

Here are a few more things you can do to attract feng shui benefits into the space where you conduct business:


-Place your desk at a diagonal to the office door. This gives you the “command” position.

-Let your back face either a corner or a wall. This will give you support (the wall will “have your back”).

-Have good lighting (natural and artificial) and air quality in your office.  Plants are good to purify the air and provide oxygen.

-Place your computer in the north or west quadrant of your office,  to enhance your creativity.   Place your computer in the southeast if you use it to generate income (online business).

-Treat your business files with respect. They represent your past,  present and future business.  Store files neatly and keep them organized.

-Keep the electrical cords in your office well hidden. This diminishes clutter and allows for the free flow of qi, or life energy, throughout the space  (I just moved the tangle of cords that are attached to my power strip from a place where I tripped over them repeatedly to a less intrusive place.  Not only does my office look better,  but I feel SO much more relaxed).


-Hang any mirrors in your office,  unless placed to deflect negative energy.

-Sit in line with the office door,  since that puts you in the path of negative energy that may cling to passersby.

-Face a wall when sitting at your desk.  If you have no choice in the matter, “correct” with vibrant art and/or lots of your favorite photos.

-Have your back to the door in an office where you are conducting business.  Opportunities  symbolically flow in through the door,  so do not turn your back on them.

-Arrange your office so that you look straight out onto a corridor,  staircase,  storage rooms,  closets,  elevators,  escalators or rest rooms.

I have incorporated several of these elements into my office.  Billable hours are not rolling in like a tsunami. Would I have even fewer active clients had I not used feng shui? Who knows? Still,  I feel happy in my environment.  Maybe we can just call this stuff  spring cleaning.

Thanks for reading,


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