Set Goals and Objectives for Your Business

Good morning all,

Welcome to my first post. I’m a self employed business development consultant who specializes in facilitating the brainstorming sessions that are part of the strategic planning process and I also lead sales skills training workshops.  Previously, I had a career in sales and marketing, working at Fortune 100 companies. In 1996 I was laid off and I’ve been self employed (and self unemployed!) ever since.

I’ve started this blog so that self employed consultants and other freelancers could have a forum to discuss our successes, fears, failures, clients, prospects and survival strategies. I hope you’ll join in and share your experiences.

On Friday June 19 I will present a half day seminar on how to set up and run a successful strategic planning session for your company. Business owners and VPs or Directors of marketing, sales, operations or finance could find this a useful course.

Difficult economic times require smart business strategies and a real leader must take the initiative to step up and address the tough issues. Those who attend the seminar will learn how to quickly get started on analyzing major business challenges and setting goals and objectives that are achievable, that are effective and that others in the organization will support and implement.

I’ll provide a case study that will allow everyone to get the flavor of what it’s like to do this in real time. The Cambridge Chamber of Commerce is the organizer of a business education program called “The Classroom” and my session, called “Plan to Succeed”, is part of the series. Register at  and cost is $70.00. Maybe I’ll meet a few of you there? Hope so.

More later,



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